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Installation Prerequisites
The following must be provided by the customer prior to installation: Dedicated Zoom account with Pro subscription and Zoom Rooms Pro subscription, 1 host @ $14.99 monthly or $149.90 annually Zoom Rooms add-on @ $49.00 per month, per room or $499.00 annually, per room Static IP for Mac mini on guest wireless network Firewall configuration on guest wireless network for room control and AirPlay Dedicated email account for calendar integration (required for Zoom Room scheduling)
Required Equipment
The following hardware will be purchased by IMS prior to installation: Mac mini and Wall Mount iPad and Enclosure for Room Control iPad Apple Keyboard and Mouse Supported Display Wide-Angle Camera Microphone/Speaker Pod HDMI Input and Control Modules Other Equipment per Design Spec
Optional Equipment
The following hardware is available for purchase by IMS prior to installation:
Required Zoom Subscriptions
Zoom accounts and subscriptions are managed by the customer. Please go to https://zoom.us/buy and purchase the following. We suggest using a dedicated email address such as zoomrooms@yourcompany.com to register. Plan: Pro, 1 host ($14.99 monthly or $149.90 annually) Add-ons: Zoom Rooms ($49 per month, per room or $499.00 annually, per room)
Optional Add-ons
Prices are subject to change. Please visit https://zoom.us/buy for latest pricing.
Phone Dialing
Calling outside lines requires the Audio Conferencing add-on or PBX integration. This is an optional service and not required for hosting or joining meetings.